Peace of Mind Necklace


Pre-Order: Expect your jewelry 6 weeks after purchase.

Artist's Edition bracelet from the Lou Dallas x Aurelia Cotton collaboration. Lou Dallas x Aurelia Cotton is based around the potency of crystals to transform energy and enhance the magic inside all of us. The collection focuses on the usage of Dalmatian Jasper and Cherry Quartz.

Dalmatian Jasper helps you move forward in life, but at the same time allows you to reflect on potential actions and plan with care. This stone transmutes negative energy and outgrown patterns. Extra beneficial for Geminis.

Cherry Quartz rids the wearer of anxiety of the future and welcomes hope. It can open up the door of possibility and provide courage to make progress. Pink stones carry the essence of unconditional love and resonate with the planet Venus.

Please note this item is hand made. Expect variations between pieces.

Made in New York

16 in. length

Dalmatian Jasper, Cherry Quartz, Swarovski Beads, Plastic Pearl on Stainless Steel Chain and Cord.